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The Demon's Lexicon

The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan I tore through Sarah Brennan's The Demon's Lexicon, a fast-paced urban fantasy YA filled with snarky teenagers, magicians, and, well, demons. I was spoiled for the ending twist, but it still hit me pretty hard. And the ride getting to it was a lot of fun. The main character was very well-drawn; the others were somewhat less so, which was kind of inevitable given the limitations of the main character's viewpoint, but the sequel will be told from a different viewpoint so I have faith we'll see more depth then. (The villains were quite one-dimensional, but the short story that the author has posted in her blog providing backstory for one of them helps a lot.) Definitely recommended if you like YA; if you don't, maybe you have a young relative who does?