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A Madness of Angels

A Madness of Angels - Kate Griffin I really, really wanted to like this book. There were moments--in its description of urban magic, in its handling of the modern, "it's complicated" version of demonic possession--when it really shone. London feels real. The opening scene is gripping, the closing scene affecting. The magic is life/life is magic distinction is well-used. Oh, and the cover is quite pretty.

And then there's the plot, about which. . .the less said, the better. A motley group assembles to rid the world of evil, eliminates several sub-bosses, and finally moves on to the big boss fight in a by-the-numbers affair that would have made a lovely video game but isn't nearly strong enough to sustain a novel. The villains are cardboard. (The protagonist is also somewhat lacking in personality, but that at least is lampshaded--urban sorcerers tend to "lose" themselves in their cities.)

I really, really wanted to like this book. But I have to admit--I didn't.