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Finder, Vol. 09: Voice

Finder, Vol. 09: Voice - Carla Speed McNeil Sadly, book club discussion did not really increase my appreciation of this novel (though it did suggest I might have gotten more out of it had I read the preceding volumes). The plot is too fragmented for my taste, the worldbuilding is shallow, and the protagonist goes from bland to outright unlikable, mostly because of her habit of casually outing trans people.

I liked the panel layouts and some of the art, but in the end, I'm just not a huge graphic novel person. I can read text or I can look at art; I can't do both at once, and I often find I've gone five or ten pages only doing one or the other, then have to page back and find what I've missed. That's a particular problem in a book like this one, where so much of the emotional context to the story is conveyed only in art.

If I were a better graphic novel reader, I might go back and read the earlier volumes and see if I liked them better. But I'm not, so I won't.