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Dawn - Octavia E. Butler I've read this series at least three or four times before, and each re-read I get something new from it. This time I was doing a close reading specifically for queer subtext--and there's plenty to reward that effort, although mostly it's in the second and third books. It is interesting that Lilith is repeatedly accused of being gay and never actually denies it, just changes the subject.

Also interesting: for a book in a series that was renamed Lilith's Brood, a series in which Lilith has a dozen or more children, Lilith is a remarkably unmaternal figure in the opening volume. I mean that both in the sense that she generally seems uninterested in kids--fear of pregnancy is her stated reason for rejecting Paul's advances, and Tate is shocked and disbelieving to learn that Lilith ever had a kid, before the war--and that while the oankali cast her as a sort of group mother for the first set of Awakened humans, Butler does an impressive job of writing her leadership of the group without any stereotypical feminine or maternal undertones. Lilith is many things, but nurturing (at least in this book, before Nikanj has much time to biochemically influence her) ain't one of them.