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Team Human

Team Human - Sarah Rees Brennan, Justine Larbalestier I wanted light and fluffy, I got light and fluffy. On that front, I can't complain. My enjoyment was marred, though, by the fact that the protagonist was TSTL (at least when it came to unraveling the blindingly obvious central mystery). I was also frustrated by Cathy's plotline. Because, okay, partly this is the fact that I am the wrong audience for this book by virtue of being too old, but--she is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. Fuck no, her mother should not be signing a waiver so she can become a vampire just like the much older guy she's been in love with for a month. There is absolutely no reason ever provided for why she cannot wait several months--or even several decades. The rush is bizarre and inexplicable, and made the plotline feel very artificial to me.

Possibly more enjoyable if you actually read the genre of which it's a send-up.