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Catching Fire

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins There are things about this series that still bother me: the science fictional world feels far more an allegory than a possible future, and the first-person present style is grating from the first page to the last. But by and large, I found this an improvement on the first book. The world feels bigger, the secrets more complex, the characters more self-aware. It's less focused on the games, and when the games do come, Han (so to speak) is allowed to shoot first. And Katniss deals with her moral culpability well, recognizing it without dwelling on it.

Despite Katniss's more active approach in the games, though, the book still tries to present her with an "air of innocence." There are in-story attempts to do as well, for fairly solid reasons: it makes her a more powerful tool of propaganda. All the same, I'm getting a little tired of Katniss the pure and Katniss the pawn, pushed back and forth by the Capital and the rebels. I hope in book three she finally gets to spread her wings, make her own plots and plans, and take control of her future.