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A Brother's Price

A Brother's Price - Wen Spencer A curious book. On the one hand, a light and fluffy romance in a world whose gender reversals had me giggling. On the other hand . . . wow, this world is a dark place. Because the hero lives a charmed life and the story is determined to be the happily-ever-after kind, that darkness is always pushed off the edges, but it accumulates nonetheless. I'm left a little confused as to what I'm supposed to take away here. This is a book that's begging for a deconstructing sequel.

Or maybe I'm overthinking things. Even for someone who doesn't read light, fluffy romance, this was a fun romp. So take it as such, and try not to worry too much about the shadows in the background.

I would complain about the science--the way the book handles STDs is, uhh, a little odd, and I'm at loss as to how a civilization this advanced has failed to invent the condom--but I understand it's a necessary bit of handwavium if you want to make male virginity as much of a concern as female virginity is in our world.

I will complain about the lack of homosexuality. Although a very brief reference did finally show up at the end, that was too little, too late for me. Our viewpoint character is sheltered, but not that sheltered. In a world with a 9:1 gender ratio, it should be pretty damn common--as, apparently, it is, so why hold off on mentioning it? Odd.