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Flygirl - Sherri L. Smith This was a compelling story with a believable, sympathetic narrator, but the writing was a little weak. Like too many books I've read lately, it doesn't end so much as just stop. A two-paragraph epilogue in which the narrator says, "And then a couple years later the war ended and they disbanded the WASP" does not a satisfying conclusion make.

Also . . . one of the secondary characters is Jewish, which makes me happy; it's actually kind of rare to find characters who just happen to be Jewish in gentile-authored books, instead of characters for whom their Judaism is a main plot point. But there is one line toward the end of the book that makes it pretty clear no one Jewish was called on to edit or fact-check the book. It's not offensive or anything, just . . . wrong. Wrong like having Christian characters wear five-pointed crosses around their necks or eat communion crackers for breakfast.

Still, worth reading if you like YA with earnest female characters focused on friends and their careers, not romance (though there is a tiny bit of that too).