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The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire (Audio)
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Three Stories

Three Stories - E. Lily Yu The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees: A little too aware of its own cleverness, but then, it is very clever.

The Transfiguration of Maria Luisa Ortega: Simple yet effective.

The Lamp at the Turning: Any story that makes me feel genuine sympathy for a lamppost has to be doing something right. Sort of a quieter, simpler companion to LeGuin's "Direction of the Road."

Sentence by sentence, Yu's writing is beautiful and clear. On the one hand, I can't wait to see her write something longer. On the other hand, she's at her best at her very shortest in this collection. Perhaps I'll just hope for a fuller anthology.